Vision, Mission and Goals

Royalton Elementary School
“A World of Knowledge”

Vision: Building bright futures for children to make a better world.

Mission: The mission of Royalton Elementary School is to build a caring and creative learning community where children flourish.

Royalton Elementary School Goals:

• Instill a Love for Learning
• Achieve Academic Excellence through Active Learning
• Integrate the Arts and Promote Creativity
• Discover Individual Strengths, Talents, and Interests
• Value Relationships and Personal Wellness
• Honor Diversity and Individuality
• Establish Digital Technology Proficiency
• Develop Global Awareness, Understanding, and Skills
• Support Environmental and Outdoor Education
• Acquire Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
through Inquiry, Questioning Skills, and Project Based
• Form Partnerships With Peers, Parents, Community,
and the Larger World To Advance The Common Good.

Contact: Dr. Phil Gurbada