Discipline Plan

The discipline plan I use in kindergarten is from the book 1-2-3 Magic For Teachers, by Thomas W. Phelan (PhD) and Sarah Jane Schonour (MA). The focus of the book is to attain healthy relationships with students, as well as achieve positive classroom behavior.

~The Plan~
When a minor offense occurs, children will be given a verbal warning with the word "one." A "1" indicates that you need to slow down and think about what you are doing. Typical reasons for getting a "1" would be interrupting, not keeping your hands to yourself, etc…
If the offense continues, children will receive a second verbal warning using the word "two."
If an undesirable behavior continues, a "3" will be given. At this point the behavior needs to stop immediately. Children will be asked to “take a break” in a designated area for 5 minutes. Much like a computer, this gives the child a chance to “restart” and join the group with a clean slate. 

Each week, I also give out "PAWS" when I see students following our P.A.W.S. rules (Personal best, Act responsibly, Work and play safely, Show respect).  When your child receives a paw, you will see a small slip of paper come home stating the positive behavior. 

At home, you can reinforce this discipline policy by talking to your child about his or her day. If your child tells you they had to take a break, discuss what your child can do to avoid making the same mistake again. Likewise, praise your child for their positive behavior. The PAWS are for exceptional behavior and your child needs to be recognized for doing their personal best!

If you have any questions or concerns about the discipline policy, please contact me. By working together we can have a great year!