Pay special attention to the section in the handbook on after-school routines. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOUR CHILD HAVE A CONSISTENT AFTER-SCHOOL ROUTINE. If you must change their after-school arrangements, please send a note in the morning with your child. The note will be sent to the office. 

Students who are scheduled to attend morning MAP will do so at the elementary school, and will be brought over to the Early Childhood Center on a designated bus at the start of school.  
Students who are scheduled to attend after-school MAP will do so at the elementary, and will be brought over to the elementary on a designated bus after school.  

We will be using home folders throughout the year to share important information, upcoming events, school newsletters, etc. They will be sent home every day and should come back to school every day. Try to make it a habit of checking your child’s folder each day to make sure you receive important information and notes from school. Please also use it when you need to send notes and forms to school. We have found that folders are an excellent way to communicate without losing things. Please make every effort not to lose or destroy the home folder. 

For the first time, kindergarten students will be taking part in the PAKRAT (People And Kids Reading Actively Together) reading program.  This program will start a few weeks after school starts.  Your child will be bringing home a folder, list of books, and a book each day.  You and your child are to read the book together each evening, check the book off of the list, and return the book the next day.  This will be daily "homework" for your child.  At the beginning of each month, your child will bring home a new list of books.   

I will be emailing you at the end of every week. The email will highlight what skills we worked on during the week.  I will also include reminders for upcoming events and other important information regarding our classroom and school.

Myra Jensen is our full-time paraprofessional. Miss Jensen will be with your child throughout the day, including lunch, recess, and the specialist classes (Music, P.E., Spanish). We are very lucky to have her with us!

Your child will have music, physical education, Spanish, and art every week! These four classes will take place on a rotation schedule.
If possible, have your child keep an extra pair of gym shoes in their locker for when they have P.E.  

Breakfast is provided to all early childhood and elementary students for free! If you would like your child to eat breakfast at school, send a note to let me know, and I will make sure to remind them when they arrive to school.

Kindergarten goes to lunch at 11:30 every day. Your child will receive a four-digit lunch number, which they will need to use every day. This will also be the number they use to check out library books in future grades. Please practice this number with your child at home!  (Your child will receive this number during the first week of school.)  You are welcome to join your child for lunch anytime!  Please make sure you check-in at the office as a visitor.

Our class eats snack each day around 2:00. Students should bring their own snack to school starting on the first day!  Do your best to provide healthy snacks for your child in school.  I have a refrigerator in the classroom that your child may use for snacks that should be kept cold.  We will also have milk during this time – milk is free for kindergarteners during snack time.

Birthdays will be celebrated on the day! If your child has a birthday on a weekend, we will celebrate either Friday or Monday. If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate their half birthday. You may choose to send a special treat for your child to share on their birthday. If you do, please remember we cannot have homemade snacks! Snacks and birthday treats must be store-bought. I will send a letter home near your child’s birthday to let you know which day we will be celebrating.