Welcome to Royalton and my page!  

Well, you already know what my name is so let me tell you some other great information about myself!  I have taught at Royalton Elementary for over 18 years..I know... I can't believe it either.  I have been married even longer than that to my husband, Joey.  We have 3 children that keep us very busy. Jacquline is in college, Jeremiah and Janae both attend Royalton Secondary!  We enjoy watching all of our kids participate in sports and other activities at Royalton!  It is a great place to be!   Joey and I also have a small hobby farm that we try to keep up on in our free time!  
I teach Special Education and I really enjoy my job! I love all the kids and enjoy seeing them make progress in school. If you have any questions please shoot me an email at    or call my school number at 320-584-4150.

Contact: Joan Nichols