March 9th, 2018


Hello Parents,


These short weeks are killing me!! I’m trying to get 5 days of material into 3-4 days, so please help your child practice these words below by memorizing.  Next week we will have 8 more!  Please practice oral reading at home too! Attached is our new spelling list for Lesson #22.  The weeks fly by so quickly!


Thank you to everyone that came to conferences!  If you still haven’t met with me, please call-I’m open any night.


Our new words for the week were:  tired, around, found, gone, hears, near, open, and might. You can make word cards to practice at home.  Our new sound was long a: with the silent e at the end of the word, like cane, spade, etc.  We read a play called, Flake the Missing Hamster and a story The Missing Cake. Ask your child if they’ve recorded the stories on Seesaw.


We learned that adjectives are describing words and homophones are words that sound alike, and spelled differently. We wrote about something we think is extraordinary too.


We started telling time to the hour and our March calendars are coming home.  Please practice counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10 so we will be prepared to count money.


Our 4th grade reading buddies came to be with us today too.  The 4th grade students are from Mrs. Hoheisel’s class.  We will get to see a performance by them next Thursday in music.  They are putting on a short play.



Eating of the Green Party-March 15th-see attached letter for an explanation

March 16-no school for Teacher In-service Day

Public Library Walking Tour-information coming soon


Stay healthy and think spring!!

Mrs. Petron