Week of January 19, 2018


Dear Parents,


We learned the qu and wh letter combinations this week.  We read a Quiz for Brent and Tomas Riveras.   (Ask your child who Tomas Rivera is.)  We learned to add another consonant to words like hop and skip, when adding endings such as: ing and ed.  We learned when to use I and me in the proper way for grammar.  We learned that stories have an order or a sequence they need to follow to make sense. We learned that authors write for a purpose.  Ask your child about stories you read together, why they think the author wrote it.  They may answer:  1. to entertain or have fun   2.  to teach us about something or  3. to learn a lesson.


In math, we completed Topic 10 -- skip counting by 2, 5, and 10, making a table, and ordinal numbers.  You can work with your child on numbers to 100 and addition facts to 12.


***ATTENTION PARENTS**Next week you can look for a new book baggie in your child’s backpack.  It will have 5 books inside with a new reading log that you can record your 20 minutes of reading each night. This baggie will be an addition to the PAKRAT book.   It will be part of the first grade homework to turn in their reading log.  There will be directions on the sheet.  Tracking and bringing back the reading log builds responsibility in your child as well as fluency.   I really want to stress the importance of staying at grade level.  If you know your child is below grade level, you will have to put in 40 minutes a night to get them up to grade level.  Thank you to all that are working and participating in your child’s learning—YOU are their most important teacher!


Next Monday is our 2nd bell-ringing ceremony.  It is unbelievable to think that school is half over.  Report cards will go home on Friday, February 2nd.   

We had a school assembly on Wednesday. 


A Native American came to tell us about his culture, showed a dance in his costume, and taught us about a game the Choctaw Tribe plays still today.  It was very informational.  Ask your child what they learned.


Please encourage good hand washing.  We want everyone to have good attendance.  We do so much work in school that cannot be made up outside of school. Keep those germs away! 


Have a wonderful weekend!

 Smiles—Mrs. Petron