Procedures and Reminders

The following list is made up of important reminders and procedures for our classroom:
  • Spelling lists will be sent home the last day of the week. Our weekly spelling tests will be on Thursday.
  • ​Students will also have a weekly reading log sent home each month. Students are expected to read 20 minutes daily. The completed reading log is due the first school day of the next month. 
  • Most of our sharing will be verbal instead of the typical show and tell items. However, there will be some weeks when your child may be asked to share an item that relates to a specific topic. Also throughout the year, each child will take a turn being the “Star of the Week.” 
  • Students will have a milk break in the afternoon. If your child has a milk ticket, I let them decide if they would like milk. Students may bring a healthy snack for themselves that will not be shared with the class.
  • Students may bring store-bought treats to celebrate their birthday. We have 22 students in our class.
  • If there is going to be any change in where your child is going after school, you will need to send a note. If there is not a note or a phone call to the office, your child will be sent to their usual destination.
  •  We will go to the Media Center weekly throughout the year. Books should be returned and checked out each week with the class. 
  • To help pay for our holiday class parties, $5.00 from each student would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • Headphones in a plastic bag that zips closed are needed for activities on the iPad and computer.