The reading curriculum we use is taken from Harcourt School Publishers called Storytown. There are 6 themes throughout the school year. Each theme has five weeks worth of stories we read and enjoy. 

Each week we have a comprehension strategy and fluency topic we focus on. For example, the comprehension strategy would be main ideas and details and the fluency topic would be reading rate.

In addition, we have fifteen spelling words (ten basic and five challenge) that focus on a phonetic pattern. We also learn new high-frequency words kids should know just by looking at them. On top of that, we also discover eight new robust vocabulary words each week. Our students only need to know their meanings, not the spelling or reading of these words. Later in the school year we are exposed to ten each week and drop the high frequency words.

Grammar and writing are also included in our weekly studies. We focus on a grammatical topic like sentence types in addition to correcting a sentence for mistakes each day. In our writing, we write informally in a journal each day to a specific writing prompt. Each week concentrates on a different kind of writing, such as paragraph of information or writing a business letter.

During a half hour each day we read in guided reading groups. The groups range from four to five kids who are close to the same reading level. This is a great time to talk about comprehension questions and practice reading fluently because we read these short stories several times.

We also practice reading for fluency using a one-minute timing story with a partner. We use the same text all week long.