Newsletter 2.23.18

Mrs. Carlson 5th Grade

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Reading & Writing

Over these last two weeks students have been reading and writing about the Olympics, astronaut John Glenn, and their favorite books for I love to read month.The current skill is main idea and details while the strategy is adjusting one’s reading rate. Students worked toward completing an activity that allowed them to work on homophones. Grammar included working with main verbs, helping verbs, and verb phrases.


Students have been focused on a new chapter in math that covers solids, nets, surface area, volume, as well as regular and  irregular shapes. We have been discussing formulas to follow for these computations. Students were introduced to and a great math activity called kakooma!

Science/Social Studies

Over the last two weeks the class has worked to review information about the solar system with teams and reviewed information about animals and ecosystems.

Reading Buddies

Students meet with their reading buddies most every week. They generally read a book or complete an art activity. This week they visited the makerspace room.

Dates to Keep in Mind...

Thanks to Mrs. Popp for putting together such a fun month of things to do during I Love to Read month!

March 6th, Ice Fishing with the Lions - The Lions will finalize the fishing lake next week and we will let you know if the location changes. If you plan to join us you may follow the bus or meet us there.


Conferences are coming up. If you did not receive an email with your conference date and time please contact me. The date and times should match the fall conference schedule you signed up for. I always encourage students to join us!

Conference for: __________________

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