Mrs. Carlson 5th Grade

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Reading & Writing

Students finished their focus on the compare & contrast skill and have moved on to working with cause & effect. Students know a cause may result in more than one effect, and that a single effect may be the result of more than one cause. Work continues with writing prompts, vocabulary, spelling, small group reading articles and discussion, as well as independent reading. The next “big” writing project will start Monday. Students will write a compare and contrast paper following a five-paragraph outline. intro-body-body-body-conclusion


Students began a new chapter this week! They have been learning all about fractions, including how to change an improper fraction to a mixed number, and back again. Students are also working on IXL to review math skills.

Science/Social Studies

Students continue to learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion through experiments and readings. In social studies the class is working to learn about explorers and routes they traveled.


Spelling lists are sent home every Friday, and students get a second copy for school. Lists are also available on!

Dates to Keep in Mind

January 15 - Inservice - No school

January 17 - School Assembly - Native Pride

January 19 - End of quarter

January 30 - Jump Rope for Heart kick off