Teacher Contact
I welcome frequent communication from parents. The best way to get a hold of me is through email, as I check it frequently. My e-mail is . You may also send a note with your child or contact me on my classroom phone, 320-584-4117. Please leave me a voicemail and I will return your call as soon as I can. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 

It is beneficial for me and the rest of my class to know when your child is going to be leaving early or coming late to class.

"OWL" Folder
Your child will have a purple folder with an owl on the front. This is your child's "Home" folder. Your child will keep papers that need to be kept at home in the left pocket of this folder. In the right side of the folder will be items that need to be returned to school. There is also a class list in this folder as you may need it for various reasons. Please check this folder each night! 

Homework is given once a week for math and reading at the beginning of the week and must be returned at the end of the week. However, worksheets and other activities will be sent home during the week; so keep a watchful eye! All homework will be checked! If they have questions on their homework, feel free to guide them. Second grade is a transitional year for seven and eight year olds. 

Milk Break
Students will have a milk break every day. If a student has a milk ticket, I will let them decide if they would like chocolate, white (skim or 1%) or no milk at all. Then I will check off if they chose milk on their ticket. Students may bring a snack for themselves and will not be shared. I strongly encourage a healthy snack!!

On your child's birthday, your child may bring store-bought treats to celebrate with the class. Summer birthdays will be celebrated on their half birthday! 

Change in Schedule
Please send a signed note to school with your child in the morning if there is a change in the way he/she will be going home after school. 

Throughout the school year each child will be given a chance to be the Star of the Week. They will be given a poster to decorate and fill out with information about themself and a bag to bring a few items with them. They will be given this the Wednesday before the week that they are the Star of the Week. They will need to bring the items with them to school on the Monday they are the Star of the Week. You will receive more information about this. Please contact me if you have any questions. 

Classroom Management 
My approach on classroom management and discipline is built upon creating good relationships with my students and using the Responsive Classroom/Love and Logic technique. I want your children to grow into responsible and caring people. I will handle issues in my classroom with logical consequences. 

Classroom Parties
Please send $5.00 with your child to help pay for classroom parties and celebrations. Thank you! It is greatly appreciated!