District 485
Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy

Statement of Purpose
The Royalton School District is committed to providing quality education for every student.  Our goal is to establish effective partnerships with parents to ensure high academic achievement (ex: MCA test scores of Proficient or higher). We recognize that some students will need assistance through the Title I program to meet their learning goals and that parent involvement is a crucial component to academic achievement.
 Title 1 parents and the Royalton School District will work as partners to provide educational support to improve student opportunities for learning success.

We Believe:
  •  Parents are the “first” and most important teacher in a child’s life.
  • Parents and school staff supporting each other raises children’s achievement levels.
  • Parents want to be informed and involved in their children’s education.
  • Parents want their children to succeed.
  • Values are as important as academic achievement.
  • Each child is special and flourishes with positive support and recognition.
  • Education is a community effort.
  1. Title 1 parents will be given opportunities to learn about the purpose of Title 1 and the services available to them and their children.
  1. Title 1 parents will be given the opportunity to participate in the planning, design, and evaluation of the Title 1 Program and services.
  1. Title 1 parents will be given opportunities to learn how to support their children’s learning in school and at home.
  1. A School-Parent Compact will be shared with parents at Parent-Teacher Conferences.  The Compact will describe responsibilities that teachers, parents, and students have in achieving academic success.
  2. An annual Title I Parents’ meeting will be held to share information and discuss items relevant to the Title I program.
  3. Parents will be informed about the Title I program through parent-teacher conferences, weekly and district school newsletters, and telephone calls or emails.  Parents are encouraged to contact the school about questions or concerns regarding their child’s progress in school and involvement in the Title I program.
 Updated: September  2015

Contact: Kari Rohling